Pre-conference Workshops

Supporting Self-Regulated Learning in digital & remote education:



Research in Technology Enhanced Learning suggests that school teachers would benefit from training in Learning Design, so as to better plan learning activities by taking context and learners’ needs in due consideration (Conole, 2012; Goodyear & Dimitriadis, 2013; Mor et al., 2015) and making pedagogically informed decisions, especially as far as technology use is concerned. This need has become even stronger and more evident during distance learning and Emergency Remote Education (ERE) due to the recent pandemic situation, when the sudden change of the teaching context opened up new challenges for teachers and considerably increased their learning design training needs (Giovanella et al., 2020; Mor et al., 2013; ShaoDong, 2019). At the same time, ERE has also brought to light the need for students to become self-regulated learners, that is, to become able to control their own learning not only from the cognitive point of view, but also from the emotional, motivational and behavioural ones. As the development of Self-Regulated Learning (SRL) skills can be fostered through studentcentred learning activities, teachers’ training in Learning Design should address these needs too.


The SuperRED project (Supporting Self-Regulated Learning in Digital & Remote Education) aims to increase the overall quality of the education system, by:

These objectives, will contribute to increasing the digital readiness of the learning ecosystem to manage an effective shift towards digital education, and fostering teachers’ and students’ resilience to tackle unplanned events. SuperRED adopts a playful and learning-by-doing approach in order to motivate and engage participants with the desired learning design skills and concepts.

THE WORKSHOP: Target audience, aims and format

The proposed workshop addresses all the stakeholders potentially interested in the SuperRED project results: teacher educators, teachers, school principals, policy makers, researchers and other stakeholders

committed to improving the ability of European educational systems to foster students’ SRL skills through

collaborative and inclusive learning approaches.

The aim of the workshop is to demonstrate the SuperRED approach by presenting the main Project Results and engaging participants in the discussion of some of the methods and playful tools developed by the project. This way, participants will be offered the opportunity to join the SuperRED community and provide their feedback on the Project Results.

Workshop organization

The workshop will take place in face-to-face format (S. Agostino campus, University of Bergamo).

Attendance at the pre-conference workshop is free of charge.

Please use this form to register to the workshop. Note that registration is NOT mandatory but will be used to guarantee right of precedence should the number of participants reach the limits.


Donatella Persico and 

Francesca Pozzi, CNR-ITD

Organizing Committee

Andrea Ceregini, CNR-ITD

Marcello Passarelli, CNR-ITD

Erica Volta, CNR-ITD


15:15-15:25 Workshop Opening

Francesca Pozzi, CNR-ITD, Chair

15:25-15:45 Introduction to the SuperRED Project

Maria Ranieri, University of Florence, SuperRED Coordinator

15:45-16:15 INVITED TALK - By profession, learner: Relevance of 

Self-Regulated Learning in online and hybrid education

Professor Albert Sangrà

Director for the UNESCO Chair in Education and Technology 

for Social Change; 

Professor, Open University of Catalonia

Department of Psychology and Education. 

16:15-16:35 The notion of Self-Regulated Learning & design principles

Donatella Persico, CNR-ITD

16:35- 16:55 Learning design and collaborative learning:

the SRL-4Ts game (PR2)

Francesca Pozzi, CNR-ITD

16:55- 17:15 Designing and implementing high quality digital and 

distance learning scenarios (PR4 and PR5)

Alice Roffi & Gabriele Biagini, University of Florence

17:15-17:30 Discussion

Chair: Donatella Persico, CNR-ITD

17:30-17:45 Workshop closing

Stefano Cuomo, University of Florence

For further information: 

SuperRED project is funded by Erasmus+ KA2. Project Reference 2021-1-IT02-KA220-SCH000034442.