Call for abstract

The ATEE Spring Conference 2024 will focus on 

Teacher education research in Europe:

trends, challenges, practices and perspectives

There is no doubt that teacher research has witnessed substantial developments and brought about innovations and advancements in education, teaching and learning processes and practices, as the Covid-19 pandemic has heavily prompted. Today more than ever teacher research represents the premium approach to critically and appropriately analyze the complex and challenging reality of schools and institutions aimed at educating and training children and young people.

What are the current scenarios that characterize teacher research and practice? What are the main challenges that complexity and risk with innovative and empowering responses posed and what are the new solutions they require? What directions is such research taking in Europe and around the world and what are the related values and perspectives? What are the primary issues and proposals for policy recommendations at the national and international levels?

Starting from theoretical constructs, epistemological insights, specific historical trajectories and evidence-based research, the ATEE Spring Conference 2024 in Bergamo aims at discussing the current and potential relaunch of teacher education research and practices by examining past developments, while also considering future challenges. In particular, the Conference will focus on the role of teacher research and practice in providing opportunities for sustainable, peaceful and equitable teaching/learning processes that acknowledge the concept of pluralism, diversity and differentiation in order to design innovative education policies in this arena.

Scholars, school staff (head teachers, teachers, educators, etc.), policy makers and Ph.D. students are invited to submit proposals (empirical research, theoretical study, practitioner presentation, case studies, etc.) to critically explore sub-themes such as the following.

Abstracts are invited for the following themes/sub-themes:

Participants can present their work and contribute to the conference proceedings in two ways:

Each presenting author is allowed a maximum of two abstract submissions 

The abstracts of both oral and poster presentations will be published in a dedicated E-book of abstract.

Important deadlines

Abstract submission

Abstract submission deadline: 25th January, 2024;

Notification of Acceptance/Rejection: 20th February, 2024;


Early Bird registration: 20th March 2024;

Last registration deadline: 20th April, 2024.


The contributions presented during the conference will be collected in a dedicated peer review volume with ISBN. 

Further information about the publication, the publisher and the deadlines will be sent to the author/s and will be published on the conference website in the coming months.