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University of Bergamo (UniBg) is an important and influential centre for higher education and research activity, with more than 460 researchers staff and more than 23,000 students enrolled on various degree programs: 21 undergraduate degrees, 30 graduate degrees and 7 PhD programs. The increasing number of students and staff provides a dynamic scientific and teaching environment open to innovations.

The 8 Departments and the 7 Research and Service Centres enjoy very close connections with the town, its institutions, and its cultural and economic environment. They are grouped in three campuses located in three different areas: Campus of Economics and Law (Bergamo), Campus of Social Sciences and Humanities (Upper Bergamo) and Campus of Engineering (Dalmine).

The strengths of UniBg are the wide range of courses on offer (also through distance learning projects), excellent use of the numerous laboratories available, ambitious research centres, and the fact that it operates in one of the most dynamic areas in Italy, both from a cultural and an economic point of view.

The Department of Human and Social Sciences consists of approximately 60 scholars, including full and associate professors, assistant professors, and researchers. Our Department with its scientific research programmes and its pedagogical approach aims to recognize and understand human complexity in the context of psychological, social and educational spheres.

The Center for Quality Teaching, Educational Innovation and Learning (CQIIA) is involved in interdepartmental and interdisciplinary research and promotes initial and continuing teacher training activities. 

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